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EN ISO 12402-5:2006+A1:2010Personal flotation devices — Part 5: Buoyancy aids (level 50) — Safety requirements个人漂浮装置。第5部分:浮力辅助装置(50级).安全要求


1  Scope范围

This part of ISO 12402 specifies the safety requirements for buoyancy aids with a buoyancy of not less than 50 N used in sheltered waters with help and rescue close at hand under such circumstances where more bulky or buoyant devices can impair the user’s activity. It applies to buoyancy aids used by adults or children.

ISO 12402的这一部分规定了浮力不低于50n的浮力辅助设备的安全要求,这些浮力辅助设备在有遮蔽的水域使用,在更大的体积或浮力设备可能影响用户活动的情况下,可就近提供帮助和救援。它适用于成人或儿童使用的浮力辅助设备。

This part of ISO 12402 is not applicable to one-piece suits.

ISO 12402的这一部分不适用于单件套装。



ISO 12402-7:2006, Personal flotation devices — Part 7: Materials and components — Safety requirements and test methods人浮选装置。第7部分:材料和部件。安全要求和试验方法

ISO 12402-8:2006, Personal flotation devices — Part 8: Accessories — Safety requirements and test methods个人浮选装置第8部分:附件安全要求和试验方法

ISO 12402-9:2006, Personal flotation devices — Part 9: Test methods个人浮选装置。第9部分:试验方法


2  Performance levels性能等级

2.1  Level 275

This level is intended primarily for offshore use under extreme conditions. It is also of value to those who are wearing clothing which traps air and which may adversely affect the self-righting capacity of the lifejacket. It is designed to ensure that the user is floating in the correct position with his mouth and nose clear of the surface.

See ISO 12402-2.


2.2  Level 150

This level is intended for general application or for use with foul weather clothing. It will turn an unconscious person into a safe position and requires no subsequent action by the user to maintain this position.

See ISO 12402-3.


2.3 Level 100

This level is intended for those who may have to wait for rescue, but are likely to do so in sheltered water. The device should not be used in rough conditions.

See ISO 12402-4.


2.4  Level 50

This level is intended for use by those who are competent swimmers and who are near to bank or shore, or who have help and a means of rescue close at hand. These garments have minimal bulk, but they are of limited use in disturbed water, and cannot be expected to keep the user safe for a long period of time. They do not have sufficient buoyancy to protect people who are unable to help themselves. They require active participation by the user.

See this part of ISO 12402.



3 Minimum buoyancy最小的浮力

4 标识

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  1. 认证法规:PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Personal protective equipment
  2. 认证模式:module B + module C2或者module B + module D
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